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Delectus 2008 Merlot Red Wine
Delectus 2008 Merlot Red Wine

Delectus 2008 Merlot

Many of our fans have referred to Gerhard's Merlot as a "Cab-lover's Merlot" because it is always incredibly stout and complex. Our Merlot has received enough feedback from a few adoring Delectus fans to make us blush.

Bright fruit, guava peel, and candied cherries greet your nose at first. This intriguingly sweet and effervescent wine transforms itself from an innocent sweetness filled with vanilla, caramel and butterscotch to layers of earthiness and oak. Hints of cola tickle your throat as the flavors linger on your palate. Soft, generous, full mouth feel, lingering, moving slowly toward back, long finish. Still takes 5-10 min to fully open – but the short wait is very rewarding.







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California Napa Valley

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Delectus Winery

In 2005, after years of searching for the perfect site, Gerhard and Linda purchased 112 acres overlooking Knights Valley. The property was a summer residence for poet and writer Robert Louis Stevenson who spent much time sitting outside writing and admiring the view. Neighboring Mount St. Helena is now a State park named after the writer. “The site has historical significance that we want to honor”- Linda Reisacher. The town of Kellogg (now extinct) in Knights Valley was once thriving with mercury furnaces, mills, hotels and farms and Ida Clayton Road, the access road to the Delectus Ranch, connected Kellogg to the mining activities in the mountains and beyond to Lake County.  The last remnants of that era burned in a massive wildfire that swept through much of Knights Valley in 1963. Cattle ranches and vineyards are the only surviving trades today.  The combination of soil, elevation, and microclimate at the Ranch intrigued Gerhard and he finds it ideal for our style of wines. There is a balance of rock, sand, gravel and dirt in the soil to provide ample drainage and heat absorption. In addition, our south-facing exposure allows us to pick earlier than most vineyards at such high elevation in order to harvest before potential rain.  The Ranch sits above the fog line which provides a more moderate climate, unlike the valley floor where daytime and nighttime temperatures can vary dramatically. As a result, the wines are more concentrated, tannic, and inky, which is the quality and essence of Delectus.

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